New Maser Arrives!

New Sigma-Tau Active Hydrogen Maser Arrives

New Master Clock, a Symmetricom Sigma-Tau Active Hydrogen Maser arrived today (October 29, 2003). The new maser was received this morning via Fed-Express "White Glove" handling. The maser was shipped with the ovens operating but the hydrogen discharge turned off. The procedure to bring the maser back to life was simple and quick, open the H2 valve, turn on the Pressure Control, wait a few minutes and activate the Discharge Circuits. Within a few seconds the maser was operational.

The maser will undergo several weeks of evaluation in the lab. At the completion of the tests the maser will be placed in the environmentally stable clock vault. It will then be allowed to stabilize for several weeks.

Plans are to have the new maser replace the Kvarz passive hydrogen maser as the Master Clock. This should occur about January 1, 2004. The new maser will be designated as HM-4.

tdsc_2979a.jpg 11.9K
Symmetricom Sigma-Tau MHM-2010 Hydrogen Maser

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